NX Mold Flow Analysis solutions

Using Mold Filling Simulation to Optimize Plastic Part Designs

NX™ software, the product development solution from Siemens PLM Software, offers a range of tools that help designers assess the moldability of plastic parts.

NX™ EasyFill Analysis, powered by Moldex3D, is an integrated mold flow simulation tool for designers to analyze plastic part design for moldability during the early stage of the product development process. EasyFill Analysis provides all the capabilities product designers need to simply execute plastic flow simulations within the NX environment. Designers can easily set up and perform an analysis with only a few simple clicks.

EasyFill Analysis provides designers with intuitive injection molding simulations fully embedded in NX. It empowers you to simply clarify if manufacturing defects would occur in your design environment. This intuitive design validation tool allows you to simulate and visualize how plastic is injected to fabricate a plastic part.

For a deeper dive on capabilities, check out this analysis overview NX Moldflow Easyfill Analysis Solutions

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JK Machine Leveraging NX for Seemless Mold Making Process

CAD/CAM Software Brings Process Automation for Mold Design, Machining

As their proud and preferred Siemens partner of Siemens’ NX integrated software, we helped JK to improve mold quality and reduce lead time by 50 percent. The plastic-injection molds are manufactured for Tier-One and Tier-Two automotive and medical device suppliers, which demand short delivery times for complex molds with better mold parting lines, better finishes and tighter tolerances.

The model-driven process in NX enables JK to develop complete mold assemblies from the CAD part models provided by their customers. When customers send revised models, the design changes automatically propagate to the mold components’ design and NC programs.

It’s quotes like this that make us ecstatic to be partnered with JK Machine: “The support we get from CAM Logic, Inc. is especially important when we get new versions of the software,” says Henry Kalkman, president of JK Machining.

For more information, check out the case study JK Machining Case Study

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FDM 3D Printing Training on October 30 @ CAM Logic

Thinking about additive? CAM Logic, a leader in Markforged 3D printing, is offering a complimentary half-day training on October 30 that will educate participants in how to properly set up, run, and maintain a Fused Deposition Modeling/Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer. This is an excellent opportunity to learn not only best fit and practices for owning a 3D printer but also how to run a print from start to finish. 

– An overview of FDM/FFF 3D Printing Technology
– Best fit applications for 3D printing
– How to properly set up and run a Markforged 3D printing
– How to leverage and utilize the 3D printing software
– Tips and tricks to ensure your designs are optimized for 3D printing


Register Now

***This complimentary class will be held at CAM Logic Headquarters (650 S. Glaspie St., Oxford, MI 48371) on October 30 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

***Food and beverages will be provided to attendees along with time to review specific questions pertaining to your interest in 3D printing.

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