Working Off-Site with Solid Edge and NX

Working Off-Site with Solid Edge and NX

As the world experiences unprecedented challenges battling COVID-19, more and more employees are being asked to work from home. We want to make sure that you have the information you need to make your Siemens software continue to work for you, even when you’re working at home. Below are two videos that will walk you through, step-by-step, setting up Solid Edge or NX for remote licensing.

Our team is equipped to continue to provide the support you have come to expect from CAM Logic. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk.



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NX Injection Molding Simulation Helping Designers Validate Ideas Faster

NX Integrated Injection Molding Simulation Tools

Using NX to tool injection molds? What many NX users already know is that the NX product portfolio is massive. Some products range from advanced CAM capabilities to data management. What many injection molders are not aware of is that NX has an affordable and highly reliable injection molding simulation set of tools built right into your NX interface.  It’s called NX EasyFill Advanced!

Let me preference the rest of this article with a very clear statement, there is no substitute for experience, many injection molders know how the plastics in their portfolio are going to behave based on years of experience.  The problem with this is, however, an injection molders customer needs to see the data that validates the experience, this is where simulation can be a valuable tool. What if you have inexperienced designers that need some help being confident with design proposals or modifications? Again, running a quick simulation to check for defects such as short shots or potential burn marks and be a great way to keep project timelines on track.

So, what exactly is NX EasyFill Advanced? Simply put it is an embedded tool inside of NX that allows users to run filling, packing, warp, and cooling analysis on plastic materials that range from popular polypropylenes to more advance glass-filled nylons. Like other simulation tools, better data that is put in will get users better data out. NX EasyFill Advanced lets users set up their simulations the way they need. Users can control mesh density, entering process conditions on injection pressures, cycle times, access to prepopulated material libraries and many other details that play a roll in validating high-quality molds and parts.

Another large perk of leveraging NX EasyFill Advanced is that all your data stays in NX. If your company today uses a third-party solution, you know that there is a risk of exporting data out of a design platform and into a simulation tool. By housing all your data inside of NX the risk of losing data that is important to simulation results are greatly reduced. Also, like NX when you are up to date on NX maintenance, your simulation tools are always getting the best-populated libraries, best simulation tools, and full product support from your NX partner, CAM Logic.

Think NX EasyFill Advanced might be helpful? Click here to download the product brochure or contact CAM Logic to set up a demonstration.

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Improving Processes in Solid Edge with Tech Pubs

Technical Publications – A Major Time & Cost Saver!

When we start thinking about the manufacturing process we think about prototypes, production tooling, lead times, material costs, customer requirements just to name a few product development road bumps. What many if not most manufacturers overlook when improving processes are manuals and assembly instructions. For Solid Edge users, Technical Publications or for short “Tech Pubs” is a major time and cost saver.

Se Tech Pubs 2020 Delivery Options

Let’s start with “what is Tech Pubs”? Tech Pubs is an added tool that works right within Solid Edge that helps streamline the documentation process with time-saving features for rapidly creating and updating documents. Users find real benefit in using this tool primarily when creating manuals for their end-use products, updating online product catalogs, sending assembly instructions to other internal departments, or for marketing/promotion purposes. Tech Pubs, in a nutshell, is a communication tool that is tied directly back to the model or assembly that a designer is working on. Another nice feature in Tech Pubs is no matter how robust the model, everything can be exported out into industry-standard 3D PDFs and web-based HTML.  Again, because Tech Pubs are seamlessly integrated within your Solid Edge software, you are work directly with your Solid Edge parts and assemblies and eliminate the need to convert computer-aided design (CAD) files.

Where is the real value of implementing Tech Pubs into a workflow? First, there are the benefits of documenting technical changes early in the design process, it might be important to be able to accurately reference previous ideas and designs. Also, and probably the biggest initial upfront cost saver is eliminating the need for specialized technical authors or 3rd party services. If your team can easily create their documentation and it all ties into Solid Edge, you don’t have to export data, don’t have to have someone edit and clean it up, and get it all done a lot faster. Last, for companies that have an online product catalog, there is real value in having a tool that makes automatic changes to the online products automatically when the designer makes an update. This way there is a big reduction in documentation errors.

Technical Publication is a tool that we here at CAM Logic are seeing a lot of growth within our Solid Edge customer base

Click here to sign up for our upcoming webcast on February 25th to learn more

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Why Additive Manufacturing is the Right Fit for Production Tooling

Why Additive Manufacturing is the Right Fit for Production Tooling

Wayne Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been”. Having for the foresight to always be looking ahead to where the next opportunity to be successful is at leads to greatness not just on the ice but also in manufacturing. Harnessing the benefits of additive lends to manufacturers both large and small take the necessary steps to bring their companies into the next industrial revolution. Traditionally additive has been looked at as a tool for prototypes and concept models, but with the advancement, in materials, the sweet spot for additive is quickly becoming production tooling.

3d Printed Check Gage3d Printed Forming Section

Jigs, fixtures, gripper arms, tooling guides, and low volume production are ideal applications to leverage additive. The reason is that the materials, such as the types offered by Markforged composite printing technologies, are precise, strong, and repeatable. Users of this technology can print their forming sections and fixtures generally faster and less expensive than having to put blocks of aluminum or steel on a CNC machine. Think about how much effect getting production tooling faster has on a company bottom line if you never have to say “my parts are here but we are still waiting on our fixtures to get done” why wouldn’t you look at additive manufacturing?

If this is such a great option for us why haven’t we already started using additive? The idea of using technology takes time and effort to get right. Often redesigning your tools for additive is necessary or taking a hybrid approach of traditional manufacturing with aspects of additive is the right approach. In manufacturing, there isn’t a lot of opportunities to spend the time necessary to optimize processes or that open mind needed to say, “yeah this is different, but it works”. For manufacturing that is willing to take the time to explore additive or work with a company like CAM Logic to prove solutions the benefits of additive can be substantial in cost-saving, time-saving and a massive reduction of headaches for staff.

Have a need or questions about leveraging additive manufacturing? CAM Logic has a full range of Additive Manufacturing for Production Applications and solutions ready to support your engineering and manufacturing operations.

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CAM Logic 2020 Cornucopia Webcast Series Begins

The CAM Logic 2020 Cornucopia Webcast Series is in Full Effect! 

We’ve created a holistic engineering webcast series to give you tips, tricks, trends, and technologies to make you best in class. So don’t delay and grab your virtual seat for this series whether you’re focused on engineering or manufacturing initiatives. Topics include Siemens Digital Software best practices to additive manufacturing capabilities to quality control with reverse engineering tactics. Pick the one(s) that fit you best and enjoy our 2020 live webcast series:

Upcoming Webcasts

Feb 13 @ 1pm: Purpose Built Additive Materials

Feb 19 @ 2pm: Document Your Process In Solid Edge

Feb 20 @ 1pm: Leverage Metal X for Production Applications

Mar 24 @ 10am: Learn Solid Edge Synchronous Design

On-Demand Webcasts

On-Demand Recording: Air Path Reverse Engineering in NX

On-Demand Recording: PMI Interoperability w/ Siemens NX

On-Demand Recording: Metal Stamping Inspection

The Cam Logic Wheel No LinksAir Path Reverse Eng Rev Eng Image Jan 28 2020

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Unleash PMI Interoperability with NX Tools

On January 23, unleash PMI Interoperability with NX Tools

Drive efficient end-to-end engineering & manufacturing operations by using powerful and application-specific NX tools.

Sign Up Today!

What you’ll learn:

Save time with PMI which is interconnected

– Design changes that are interconnected

Quickly generate drawings reusing PMI data in a draft environment

Translate data quickly w/o the headache of fixing the data

Automate machining knowledge with Feature-Based Machining (FBM) using PMI

Inspect the model with CMM paths that are developed by PMI

Who should attend include:

·    CAD Manager

·    Engineering Manager

·    CNC Operators

·    Manufacturing Engineers

·    Injection Molders

·    Fixture Designers/Builders

·    Production Managers

·    Tool and Die Staff

Register Now!

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Solid Edge Wiring – Provide Rapid & Intuitive Designs

On December 10, don’t miss out on leveraging Solid Edge Wiring Design tools

Learn by using industry-proven tools that simulate and verify electrical behavior as the design is created. The graphical authoring environment creates wiring diagrams via an intuitive user interface and built-in intelligent libraries of electrical symbols, components, and simulation models.

Sign Up Now!

Benefits you’ll gain:

  • Robust library with more than 4000 popular industrial parts
  • Utilize simulation to highlight design challenges such as short and open circuits, voltage drop, fusing, and wire sizing errors
  • Automate standards-based diagram generation
  • Cross-referencing for multi-sheet schematics
  • Automatically generate reports for wires, connectors, and devices used in a design

Register Here!

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New Siemens Training Schedule

The New Siemens Training Schedule is Here to Serve You

  • This schedule is valid through September 2020
  • Review the list and let us know if you’d like to attend any of these upcoming classes

Solid Edge Event-Cleveland 2019

A CFO asks a CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”

The CEO responds: “What happens if we don’t and they stay?” (Peter Baeklund)

Siemens Training Class Schedule










Get Quote

Have Additional Questions about any of these Training Courses? Contact Emily Comstock at 248-969-9201 or

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Learn Additive Manufacturing for Production Applications

On November 22nd, CAM Logic is hosting — Learn Additive Manufacturing for Production Applications— to showcase how manufacturing is integrating 3D printing into production applications.  This educational event will discuss the growth of additive as technology and why it has become a crucial tool for manufacturers to leverage to stay competitive and overcome issues faced with production tooling.

Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan

***Lunch will be provided

Save Your Seat!

Participants at this event will learn about:

– Markforged Composite and Metal Materials

– Best Fit Additive Applications for the Production Floor

– Design Strategies for Additive Manufacturing

– Printing Production Components with the Markforged Industrial Series

Production Application


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Additive Manufacturing Tools for NX

On August 15th, don’t miss out on leveraging Additive Manufacturing tools within Siemens NX

Additive Manufacturing is opening up possibilities to accelerate product and manufacturing innovation within NX. Learn how to adopt a single integrated environment to drive generative design into 3D printing. Validate designs to be suitable for Additive Manufacturing with DfAM checkers.

Sign Up Today

Benefits you’ll gain:

  • Re-imagined designs
  • Reduce weight & product assembly complexity
  • Reduce manufacturing costs and supply chains
  • Design anywhere / Print anywhere

Register Here!

Markforged Metal X

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