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Siemens NX CAD

NX™ for Design is an integrated solution that helps you develop innovative new products. With leading-edge design tools and technologies, NX streamlines and accelerates the product development process.

Unlike CAD-only solutions and closed enterprise solutions, NX delivers the highest integration between development disciplines in an open, collaborative environment.

Siemens NX CAD

Reduce Development Time by More than 30 Percent

With breakthrough technologies, efficient interaction and streamlined workflows, NX design tools help you accomplish design tasks much more quickly than with other CAD systems.

Work Seamlessly with Data from Other CAD Systems. With synchronous technology, NX allows you to directly use models created with other CAD systems. You can import and modify CAD geometry from any source with speed, ease and efficiency. NX is the solution of choice for multi-CAD, collaborative design.

Power and Capacity for Complex Products. NX assembly design tools are ready for the most complex assemblies, even those with thousands of parts. You can create full multi-CAD digital mockups with NX to quickly identify issues and resolve problems.

Increase the Number of New Products Introduced Each Year

By improving design productivity and throughput, NX can help your engineering teams pursue more opportunities and develop more products without more resources.

Fast, Flexible, Efficient Product Design. NX design tools are superior in power, versatility and productivity. You can work faster and more efficiently in the full range of design tasks, from 2D layout through 3D modeling, assembly design, drafting and documentation.

Reduce Delivery Cycle Time by 35 percent

With integrated design, simulation, tooling and manufacturing, NX can help you transform and streamline development processes, using the same knowledge and data from the first concept to the shop floor.

Integrated Design Validation. To help you fulfill customer and engineering requirements, NX offers integrated, automated design validation capabilities. You can continuously monitor your designs for compliance with company and industry standards, and more easily produce designs that achieve your goals and customer requirements.

Visual Analytics Improve Decision-Making. With NX visual reporting and analytics, you can instantly gather product and process information and visualize its impact in the context of the 3D design. Visual synthesis of PLM data accelerates the design process and improves decision-making.


  • Product Design – Deliver greater innovation and higher quality at lower cost with leading-edge 3D product design software.
  • Industrial Design & Styling – Optimize form, fit, function and user experience with powerful, integrated industrial design and styling software.
  • Drafting & Documentation – Streamline 2D design, drafting, and documentation with powerful tools for layout, drawing, and 3D annotations.
  • Electromechanical Design – Integrate mechanical, electronic and electrical designs and processes to deliver higher-quality electromechanical products.
  • Mechatronics Design – Enable multi-discipline collaboration, reduce time-to-market and improve concept evaluation for mechatronics products.
  • Knowledge Re-Use – Improve productivity and reduce cost through re-use of design information and process knowledge.
  • Visual Analytics and Validation – Make smarter decisions and deliver better products with visual analytics and validation tools.
  • Process-Specific Applications – Accelerate specialized design processes with task-specific engineering tools for welding, mechanical routing and composites that outperform general-purpose CAD.
  • NX Productivity Tools – Maximize speed, productivity and efficiency with advanced tools, utilities and technologies – collaboration, visualization, customization, synchronous technology, data exchange, and content migration.


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Pratt & Miller Engineering used NX™ software from Siemens PLM Software to develop the racing version of the 2014 Corvette, which was named 2014 North American Car of the Year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
“Working closely with General Motors, we designed every part of the C7.R, with the
exception of the engine and transmission, using NX. We got good feedback, which confirmed that it is a good design. This car really came to life with the help of NX.” Gary Latham
Design Manager
Pratt & Miller