Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions we are asked with new customers/purchases include:


1. Where do I go to download my new software?

The link below will bring you to “support center” which you can navigate to the “Downloads” tab near the top of the screen and select the software you are searching for. For more details open the “Download CAD Software” document.


2. Is my License Backward Compatible?

Yes, the license version allows you to access any software inside that version along with previous versions (Older versions may not be supported anymore by Siemens).


3. How to Add your Sold-to/Site ID to their Support Center Account.

Once you have received your license file open it inside of the notepad application. Near the top of the license file, you will see “Sold-To/Install: “and “WebKey Access Code: “simply copy and paste the information into the link below.


4. How do I install my software or change my license file?

For instructions on how to change your license file, install your new software, or setup the Siemens License Server & license file for the first time, please take a look at our Installation Guides


5. What hardware and software requirements are needed to run NX and Solid Edge?

For the hardware and software certifications click here

6. How to activate you Teamcenter Share/Getting started training

For full instructions click here

7. Complete list of translators and how to access them

For the full list click here

Can’t find what your looking for? Submit a support request HERE