NX Viewer Training

Complete overview of the NX Viewer software. The course covers all of the functionality the NX Viewer has to offer, and details how each tool is used in a read-only environment.

Intended Audience
Non-CAD users who need to open read-only NX CAD files for viewing purposes.

Expectations and Goals

  • To understand how to open parts and assemblies
  • Use visualization tools to better view files
  • To navigate assembly files to see relevant information
  • Use analysis tools to extract accurate measurement and part information

Course Schedule


Topics Covered



Day 1

Using the NX Viewer Interface

How to navigate inside of the NX Viewer software



Opening Parts and Assemblies

Learn to open individual or multiple files in the viewer



Navigate Assemblies

Examine assembly BOM structure and open sub-level files



View Tools

Use pan, zoom, rotate and Standard Views to navigate parts




Change render styles for files, such as shaded or wireframe



Show and Hide

Multiple tools designed to show or hide individual or multiple parts in an open file




Learn to use full layer options based on the NX part design




Create and edit cross sections to be able to view internal features



Object Display Properties

Adjust visual properties of open parts



Background Options

Adjust background color and gradient



Analysis Tools

Complete overview of the Measurement tools available in the NX Viewer



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