NX Mechanical Freeform Modeling Training

The NX Mechanical Freeform Modeling course teaches users how to create freeform parts that update reliably and shift smoothly to the manufacturing application. Users will learn how to incorporate freeform features into any part, from reverse engineered product models to complex engineering designs.

Intended Audience
Engineers and designers that need to create, edit, and analyze curves and freeform shapes used in part design. It is recommended for users who have a basic understanding of CAD. This includes both NX users as well as CAD users on different software.

Expectations and Goals

  • Create curves and derived curves used in creating freeform features
  • Analyze curves and faces
  • Create freeform shapes through curves
  • Create freeform shapes by sweeping sections along curves
  • Create transition and blend shapes
  • Extend and offset faces
  • Create thicken and draft faces

Course Schedule


Topics Covered




Mechanical Freeform Overview

Overview of methods used to create freeform shapes



Creating Freeform Curves

Work with curves that are used to create Freeform features



Edit Splines

Manipulate and edit both shape and curvature of splines



Curve Analysis

Expand on curve analysis methods and options.



Primary Sheets and Bodies

Use splines to create Freeform bodies




Create transitions between sheet bodies or solid faces



Face Analysis

Learn to use face analysis tools to assess surface quality



Working with Sheets

Learn how to extend, trim, offset, and sew existing sheets



Sheets and Solids

Use functions to create or modify solid bodies



Law Function

Learn about creating curves by law and expressions


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