NX CAD Fundamental Processes


The Fundamental Processes course covers the essential NX task-based processes that new users will utilize when creating and editing parametric parts. The real-world experience of our instructors aids students in transferring knowledge gained throughthis single course to their job resulting in faster time to productivity.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for engineers, designers, detailers, checkers, and managers who need to manage and use NX.

Expectations and Goals

  • Open and examine NX models
  • Create and edit parametric part models
  • Create and modify basic assembly structures
  • Modify imported model data
  • Create and modify basic drawings

Course Schedule

Day 1
  • Overview of Active Workspace with NX
  • Sketching and extruding simple shapes
  • Creating and constraining sketch profiles
  • Revolving cylindrical parts
Day 2
  • Adding basic design and detail features to parts
  • Analyzing the history and properties of a model
  • Opening and analyzing an assembly structure
  • Controlling design intent and using equations
Day 3
  • Editing and revising a part
  • Creating parts defined by a wall thickness
  • Modeling molded and cast parts
Day 4
  • Sweeping geometry to define parts
  • Building parts with duplicate geometry
  • Using Synchronous Modeling to modify imported model data
Day 5
  • Building and constraining assembly structures
  • Creating basic part drawings