Virtual Training

Our Approach to Instructor-Led Virtual Training

To maximize our students’ experience and learning potential, we employ two core technologies. The first is our Virtual Training Lab and the second is a remote training platform, the Virtual Classroom. These two technologies provide a consistent, reliable, and interactive environment that tears down the barriers to constructive remote learning.

Virtual Lab

The workstations that make up our Virtual Lab are virtual machines that are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Each student has access to a dedicated virtual machine outfitted with an Intel Xeon E5 CPU, 56 GB of memory, SSD storage, and an Nvidia Tesla M60 graphics card. These workstations are capable of easily handling the 3D visualization and computational tasks required throughout the training session. The virtual machines are available during class time only (typically 8am – 5pm).

Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom is powered by Microsoft Teams. The Teams app provides an intuitive platform for interaction with your instructor as well as other class attendees. Typically, your instructor will be sharing their screen to demonstrate activities and guide students through the course material. If the need arises, students can also share their screen with the instructor to receive additional guidance or clarification.

We offer each trainee the ability to remotely connect to a powerful, pre-configured workstation for Siemens Industry Software training.

There is no need to have the Siemens software installed on your local PC.


Students wishing to take part in our virtual training will require the following:

  • Internet connection capable of a sustained download speed of 10 Mbps
    • In our testing, the RemotePC connection for the Virtual Lab typically requires 2-5 Mbps
    • In our testing, Teams requires 1-5 Mbps for audio and screen sharing
  • Google Chrome browser installed
    • Firefox will work, but is not ideal
    • Internet Explorer (any version) is NOT supported
  • Ability to browse to
    • This is how you will connect to your pre-configured workstation
    • After enrollment, we will provide you with the appropriate login credentials
  • Ability to install the Microsoft Teams desktop software (if not already installed)
    • If your IT permissions do not allow you to install software on your workstation, there is a web-based client available
  • Computer with speakers/headphones and microphone
    • A headset (or a set of earbuds with a microphone) is highly recommended