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Siemens NX Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

NX™ software is revolutionizing the way we make parts. The NX Hybrid Additive Manufacturing solution supports the new hybrid-manufacturing technologies in which additive manufacturing (3D printing or metal disposition) is incorporated with subtractive (cutting) methods in a traditional machine tool environment. By building up complex geometries using additive manufacturing, including internal cavities, then machining them for tight tolerances as they are built using subtractive manufacturing, you can manufacture new classes of parts or consolidate many setups into one with this new hybrid additive manufacturing process.



  • Enable new designs  the powder deposition process allows you to place material in the desired composition exactly where you want it, allowing you to make things that are impossible to make in any other way.
  • Machine internal areas during build –  no longer are you held to the traditional constraints for component shapes, consider internal chambers and cavities previously out-of-bounds for part manufacturing.
  • Repair parts easily – by combining metal deposition and traditional metal cutting into one machine environment, possibilities for repair and refurbishment are wide open.
  • Tightly control tolerance during build – machine the 3D printed material to precise tolerances at any stage in the process, even going back and forth between metal deposition and metal cutting as often as needed.
  • Produce finished parts on one machine – additively create features and immediately finish them with traditional machining methods, so the part comes off the machine completely finished.

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