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3D scanning services deliver:

  • Fast, accurate data capture
  • Shortened production cycles
  • Complete measurement data verifying the as-built part matches your CAD model
  • True CAD models of actual geometry for FEA testing
  • Improved product quality
  • Data of legacy parts which were built before the CAD-era
  • Digital assembly and inspection to ensure proper fitment of parts

Using the latest laser and structured light scanning technology, CAM Logic’s 3D scanning services provide fast, accurate measurement of the as-built condition of your physical part and can be used for any object or environment. This process supplies you with a complete digital model of your part that can be used at any point in the manufacturing process to help you measure parts, create CAD data, make parts fit, improve quality, analyze the competition, scale parts up and down, capture performance surfaces, and more.

What is 3D Scanning?
The flexible, portable technologies we leverage combine optical measurement capabilities with proactive sensors to create accurate results.

Why do you need it? In its simplest form, it utilizes real environment conditions or objects and gathers data on its appearance and form. The accumulated data is used to create three dimensional models in a digital structure.

Application Areas:

  • Quality Control/Inspection
    • Comparison of actual data with nominal data (part to CAD)
  •  Design
    • Scanning of design models for further processing of CAD data, documentation
  • Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Documentation of Cultural Assets
  • Quality Control / Inspection
  • Mold and Toolmaking
    • Tool reconstruction
    • Scan data for generation of milling tool paths
    • Documentation of actual 3D data at tool release

Quality Inspection

This provides inspection services for quality control and verification. Once we capture your component with our highly accurate scanning systems, our specialized inspection software can compare the scanned part with your CAD data. Our 3D scans can be used to provide virtual inspection of the entire surface of a part and not just a set of discrete points. We can use 3D comparison to quickly identify manufacturing defects, and help you understand not only what is wrong with a part, but why. Our staff will work with you to provide reports with all the information you need from CMM points to complete dimensional and GD&T layouts.

Reverse Engineering

These services take your product, analyze every aspect of it, and comes up with all the necessary models and plans to remanufacture it to your standards. Our highly experienced applications team will process the raw scanned data from our top of the line scanning technology and turn it into a new CAD model, and depending upon your ultimate goals, into a variety of different outputs. Data can be used to create .stl, .stp, parasolid and igs files. We’re here to help you find the right solutions for your project and get you the data you need, when you need it.

Large Scale On-Site 3D Scanning

This can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you need us to scan on-site or need us to reverse engineer hundreds of parts in a short period of time, we’re proud to offer all our services to accommodate large-scale projects. We will provide your business with experienced, resourceful and reliable application engineers that can be there for the long haul or just to help you get through a blitz. We offer our customers peace of mind and confidence, brought by working with a team of qualified staff that can deliver high quality, rigorous work, with a short turnaround.

  • "I was impressed with the technical know-how and experience of the CAM Logic team in scanning large objects with high accuracy. CAM Logic's team even worked with me after the scanning process was complete to ensure the final product could be modified to work in a manufacturing environment. "

    Harley Mean
    Harley Mean BOSS VEHICLES
  • "Without a doubt, the fact that we have our athletes effectively using 3D printed gloves at this very moment is directly attributable to the assistance CAM Logic has provided."

    Adam Bleakney

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