Solid Edge Synchronous


For a better understanding of Solid Edge Synchronous Technology, we will look at design methods that employ a hybrid approach of Ordered and pre-Synchronous Technology tools. With this design method understood, we will then move into ST design workflow for Part, Sheet Metal, and Assembly environments.

Intended Audience

Our Solid Edge Synchronous Technology course is inviting to both CAD users and Non-CAD users alike. This includes both existing Solid Edge users on older versions as well as CAD users on different software.

Course Schedule

Day 1
  • Traditional (Ordered) design workflow
    • Pre-Synchronous Technology design tools and features
    • Creating hybrid models: history-based (Ordered) and pre-Synchronous Technology
    • Working with hybrid models
  • Synchronous design workflow
    • Using the Steering Wheel: easily modify existing geometry
    • What is direct edit and what are the advantages?
    • Design intenet: rules, tools, and assumptions
    • Making assumptions: users and Solid Edge
    • Changing the design: the power of Synchronous Design
Day 2
  • Sheet Metal
    • A fundamental review of core features
    • Advanced features and workflow
    • Drafting sheet creation and interactive workflow (design, flat, draft)
    • Design with Ordered and Synchronous Technology tools
    • Synchronous design change workflow
  • Assembly
    • Learn the interface
    • Building the foundation: relationships and geometry
    • Editing assembly relationships
    • Component design changes: Ordered and Synchronous
    • Tools for managing the growing assembly
    • Assemblies with Synchronous Components: in-context process for designing and editing