Solid Edge Sheet Metal


The Sheet Metal Design course was developed to demonstrate how to utilize the sheet metal feature and design functions within Solid Edge to create sheet metal parts which maintain the design intent even when changes are made to the material thickness or bend radius.

Intended Audience

Our Solid Edge Sheet Metal course is inviting to both CAD users and Non-CAD users alike. This includes both existing Solid Edge users on older versions as well as CAD users on different software. The course can either be stand alone or be taken after the Solid Edge Fundamentals course, bypassing the first portion of this course.

Expectations and Goals

  • Understand the Solid Edge user interface
  • Understand how to use reference planes
  • Create profiles and sketches
  • Create sheet metal parts using both modeling and sheet metal features
  • Effectively create and edit sheet metal features
  • Convert a solid model to a sheet metal model
  • Create flat patterns and sheet metal drawings

Course Schedule

Day 1
  • How to navigate inside of the Solid Edge software
  • Learning how to create and constrain parametric sketches
  • Using the Tab, Flange and Cut feature tools
Day 2
  • Use Synchronous tools to manipulate model faces
  • Create controlling relationships between faces in a model
  • Creating flanges and using the bend and corner commands
  • Learn to add sheet metal deformation features to a part
Day 3
  • Create and edit an Emboss feature
  • Learn how to flatten sheet metal parts
  • Create a Blank Body and create sheet metal drawings

Course Outline

  • Solid Edge Interface
  • Sheet Metal Overview
  • Sketching
  • Base Features
  • Contour Flange
  • Flanges, Corners, and Bend Relief
  • Hem
  • Using Live Rules in Sheet Metal
  • Jog
  • Deformation Features
  • Modeling Synchronous and Ordered Features
  • Emboss Features
  • Creating Flat Patterns
  • Converting Sheet Metal Files
  • Creating Blanks