Solid Edge Essentials


The Solid Edge Essentials course covers modeling, assembly creation, and drafts. This class teaches users how to create and manage features, parts, assemblies, and ensuing drafts. Advance your ordered design skills while harnessing the power of Synchronous Technology!

Expectations and Goals

  • To understand how to create a 2D parametrically constrained sketch
  • To create a 3D model using sketch driven features
  • Create a 3D model using Synchronous driven features
  • Combine individual parts into assemblies and build a BOM
  • Create a 2D draft file driven from part and assembly files

Intended Audience

Our Solid Edge Fundamentals course is inviting to both CAD users and nn-CAD users alike, including seasoned Solid Edge users as well as non-Solid Edge users.

Course Schedule

Day 1
  • How to navigate inside of the Solid Edge software
  • Learn the design approach of both Ordered and Synchronous methods
  • The steering wheel
  • Use Synchronous tools to manipulate model faces
  • Edit, revise and create
Day 2
  • Design intent
  • Advanced features
  • What is direct editing and what are its advantages
  • Use both Ordered and Synchronous features together
Day 3
  • Build an assembly – using the Assembly Relationships process
  • Designing in the context of an assembly
  • Revise, restructure, and rebuild
Day 4
  • Create a draft file of your parts and assemblies
  • Learn to create principle, auxiliary, detail, section, and broken views
  • Placing and editing dimensions and annotations
  • Templates: title blocks, rev lists, auto-population

Course Outline

  • Solid Edge Interface
  • Sketching
  • Constructing Base Features
  • Moving Model Faces
  • Working with Face Relationships
  • Constructing Treatment Features
  • Constructing Functional Features
  • Ordered and Synchronous
  • Modeling Assemblies
  • Creating Detailed Drawings