Solid Edge Assembly Training

Solid Edge Assembly covers 3D solid modeling, assembly creation and drafts. This class teaches users how to create 2D parametric sketch designs which drive 3D feature based models, how to use those models in both ordered and synchronous environments, then finally using these parts to create assemblies and drafts.

Intended Audience
Our Solid Edge Assembly Modeling course is designed to be taken after the Solid Edge Fundamentals course or for Solid Edge users who would like to learn more about Solid Edge Assemblies.


  • To understand how to create a 2D parametrically constrained sketch
  • To create a 3D model using sketch driven features
  • Create a 3D model using Synchronous driven features
  • Combine individual parts into assemblies and build a BOM
  • Create a 2D draft file driven from part and assembly files

Course Schedule


Topics Covered




Modeling Assemblies

Workflows for creating an assembly using part relationships



Assembly Features and Patterns

Create assembly level features and pattern parts



Working with Assemblies

Tools to improve efficiency when working with assemblies



Design in Context of an Assembly

Top-Down and Bottom-Up design philosophy



Exploding, Rendering, Animating

Learn to use tools to properly present assemblies




Discover how to use the Solid Edge Tube design workflow


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