Siemens Solid Edge Training - Advanced Assembly

Solid Edge Advanced Assembly is designed for users that wish to improve their overall Assembly knowledge. Students will learn how to create assemblies from Solid Models. The class is a deep dive into all the commands available in the assembly environment and will teach assembly design from both top-down and bottom-up.

At course completion, students will have learned how to apply all of the relationships used to construct assembly models. They will have learned how to assemble and edit parts that already exist, and how to create new parts within an assembly. They will explore all of the methods of assembly and how to control assemblies in the assembly environment.

Who should attend: Designers, Engineers

Course Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Completion of Solid Edge Tutorials included with product, Completion of Solid Edge Essentials Course, Mechanical Design experience.

Duration: 3 Days

PAYMENT DUE: 2 weeks prior to course start date

Provided Course Material: Solid Edge Assembly Guide and data set on flash drive. 

Primary Course Topics

Day 1

  • Lesson 1: Modeling Assemblies
  • Lesson 2: Assembly Features
  • Lesson 3: Assembly Patterning
  • Lesson 4: Assembly Systems Libraries
  • Lesson 5: Working With Large Assemblies
  • Lesson 6: Inspecting Assemblies

Day 2

  • Lesson 7: Replacing Parts In Assembly
  • Lesson 8: Designing In the Context Of An Assembly
  • Lesson 9: Revising Assemblies
  • Lesson 10: Assembly Reports
  • Lesson 11: Virtual Components In Assembly

Day 3

  • Lesson 12: Alternate Assemblies
  • Lesson 13: Adjustable Parts & Assemblies
  • Lesson 14: Exploding Assemblies
  • Lesson 15: Rendering Assemblies
  • Lesson 16: Animating Assemblies
  • Lesson 17: Express Route (Optional)

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