NX Mold Wizard


The NX Mold Wizard training course acquaints users with all the major tools and techniques for creating injection mold designs through NX. It helps users get started with NX Mold Wizard and bridges the classroom training to the real product design through a variety of activities. After completing this training, students will have the knowledge of mold design workflow and will also be able to check and modify them.

Intended Audience

This training is for NX users who are responsible for injection mold design and development.

Expectations and Goals

  • Acquiring an overview of Mold Wizard design process along with its environment setup; about different validation tools and also about the ESI process
  • With concurrent design approach, learn to initialize a project, define workpieces and layouts, merging cavities, and getting to know about parting in mold
  • Acquiring a working knowledge of Mold base design, defining and merging cores and cavities, design of gates, runners, sliders, and lifters, and using standard part libraries
  • Gain working knowledge of cooling and ejection systems; and also learn about pocket designs and drawing concepts
  • Getting familiarized with the concepts of BOMs, Motion Simulation, Engineering Change (ECN)


  1. Basic computer skills: Windows OS, MS Office, Chrome or Firefox, etc. and basic math skills
  2. Intermediate knowledge of NX designs and assemblies

Course Schedule

Day 1
  • NX & Mold Wizard Design Overview
  • Project Initialization (ESI)
Day 2
  • Mold Project Initialization (Mold Design)
  • Patch/Parting Surface Design
Day 3
  • Library: Standard Part, Mold Base, Lifter & Slide, and other Libraries
Day 4
  • Ejection and Cooling Design
  • Engineering Change Workflow
Day 5
  • BOM and Drawing
  • Interference Checking
  • Motion Simulation