Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies

NX Intermediate Design and Assemblies explores some of the advanced tools available in NX design as well as diving deeper in NX assemblies. Design Intent is expanded upon, from part design through assembly.

Intended Audience
This course is for designers, engineers and CAD/CAM managers who need to create parametric solid models that capture design intent and have already taken the NX Essentials course.

Expectations and Goals

  • Pattern and offset sketch curves
  • Create a basic freeform shape
  • Copy/paste a feature
  • Create reference sets
  • Create draft
  • Use Synchronous Modeling
  • Create a variable blend
  • Create component arrays
  • Apply top down assembly modeling
  • Design “in context”
  • Use the WAVE geometry linker
  • Create interpart references
  • Define remembered assembly constraints
  • Define a revision identifier
  • Understand component replacement methods
  • Manage assembly arrangements

Course Schedule


Topics Covered




Advanced Sketching

Sketching with design intent and advanced sketch tools



Freeform Surfaces

Learn to create basic freeform surfaces



Duplicating Features

Mirroring, copying, and patterning features



Assembly Management

Learn to control assembly structure and display



Design in Context

Build assembly components based on assembly level design



Inter-part Relationships

Create relationships between part models with WAVE



Simplifying Geometry

Prepare geometry in an assembly for downstream use



Controlling Part Instances

Pattern components within an assembly with associativity



Reusable Geometry

Define reusable parts and learn to use the Reuse Library



Moving Parts

Set up assembly arrangements and determine part positions


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