Essentials for NX Designers with Freeform

This NX Essentials course includes elements of Mechanical Freeform  to cover both 3D solid modeling and surface creation. NX users will learn how to create 2D parametric sketch designs which drive 3D feature based models and then use those models in a Master Model environment, driving assemblies, drafts and other aspects of the product lifecycle. Mechanical Freeform expands on these topics and teaches users how to use curves to create complex surfaces, such as the surfaces typically used in Aerospace, Automotive and Shipbuilding.

Intended Audience
Traditionally our NX Essentials course would be inviting to both CAD users and Non-CAD users alike, but due to the additional material covering Mechanical Freeform, this course is recommended to users who have a basic understanding of CAD. This includes both NX users on older versions as well as CAD users on different software.

Expectations and Goals

  • To understand how to create a 2D parametrically constrained sketch
  • To create a 3D model using sketch driven features
  • Build complex surfaces using simple and complex curves
  • Use surfaces to modify or design part bodies
  • Combine individual parts into assemblies and build a BOM
  • Create a 2D draft file driven from part and assembly files

Course Schedule


Topics Covered




Using the NX Interface

How to navigate inside of the NX software



Sketches and Curves

Learning how to create and constrain sketches and Curves



Sweeping Geometry

Using the Extrude, Revolve, and Sweep functions



Editing Sketches and Curves

Making changes to existing sketches and features




A look at how to pull information on curves and surfaces



Sheets and Bodies

Creating and working with sheet and body elements



Treatment and Finish Features

Build hole, edge, shell, pattern, and mirror features



Law Function

Learn how to use the Law Function to design surfaces




Use assembly tools to build a BOM in NX




Create a 2D draft file of your parts and assemblies


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