NX CAD/CAM Essentials Training

This NX Essentials course includes elements of both NX CAD and NX CAM, covering both 3D solid modeling and basic NX Manufacturing. The NX CAD Essentials portion of the class teaches users how to create 2D parametric sketch designs which drive 3D feature based models, and how to use those models in a Master Model environment, driving Assemblies, CAM, and other aspects of the Product Lifecycle. The NX CAM Essentials teaches the use of the NX Manufacturing application for creating 2–1/2 and 3–axis tool paths.

Intended Audience
This course is suited for manufacturing engineers, application programmers, process planners, NC/CNC programmers, CAD/CAM managers, that have the basic knowledge of NC/CNC manual programming of 3–axis positioning and contouring equipment.

Expectations and Goals

  • Open and examine NX models
  • Create and edit parametric solid models
  • Create manufacturing assemblies
  • Understand the master model concept
  • Create parent group objects that supply information to operations
  • Utilize options and parameters that are common to various operation types
  • Create drilling, milling and subsequent tool paths
  • Optional, Wire EDM operations

Course Schedule


Topics Covered




Using the NX Interface

How to navigate inside of the NX software



Creating Sketches

Learning how to create and constrain parametric sketches



Sweeping Geometry

Using the Extrude, Revolve, and Sweep functions



Editing Sketches

Making changes to existing sketches and features



Treatment and Finish Features

Build hole, pattern, and mirror features




Use assembly tools to build a BOM in NX



Manufacturing Concepts

Concepts on how to use the NX Manufacturing application



Tool Creation

Learn to create milling cutting tools




Create Cavity, Planar, Floor, and Wall Milling operations




Inspect and verify operations and tool paths



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