Automotive Supplier Bundles

CAM Logic is your partner from beginning to end of the installation process. There’s a process to follow from the OEM’s (FCA/Chrysler & GM) but many times it can be confusing to navigate through the information and understand what is needed and when during the process. We are here to filter that information and work together with you to assure a smooth installation. The CAM Logic Technical team works with OEM customers to spec out workstations and make sure they meet all the requirements for the Teamcenter Supplier integrations.


FCA/Chrysler Supplier Teamcenter & NX Readiness Support

•  Business Requirements (Covisint, FCA/Chrysler, Siemens)

•  Hardware and Software Requirements

•  Connectivity Requirements & Options

•  Juniper Network Connect, Install & Verification

•  Teamcenter & NX Install & Verification


GM Supplier Teamcenter & NX Readiness Support

•  Software and Maintenance Pack Downloads

•  License File and Software Installation

•  Siemens Webkey Account Setup for Accessing and Downloading Updates and Software On Demand

•  Teamcenter & NX Install & Verification


The NX™ Automotive Supplier Bundles provide a full set of automotive design tools using NX software. They include tools and applications for general design, documentation, and validation, as well as automotive-specific tools developed with our partners in the automotive industry. These bundles are prepackaged and competitively priced in three different performance tiers.

Automotive Supplier Entry Bundle

This entry-level solution provides capabilities for creating and editing designs of typical automotive components and assemblies, with solid modeling and drafting, basic freeform modeling and sheet metal design. It includes tools for design review, rapid prototyping, web publishing, validation checking, high-definition 3D (HD3D) reporting tools and custom program execution. It also adds curve and surface- quality analysis tools and a full set of translators for taking advantage of non-native data.

Automotive Supplier Engineering Bundle

This bundle includes all the capabilities in the NX Automotive Supplier Entry Bundle, and it adds specialized tools such as advanced freeform shape modeling, shape visualization and analysis and advanced sheet metal design. It also includes the ability to use user-defined features, and WAVE control for interpart relationships in assemblies. This bundle also adds enhanced validation capabilities, with tools such as Optimization Wizard and validation tools specifically designed for molded and sheet metal parts.

Automotive Supplier Advanced Engineering Bundle

The Advanced Engineering Bundle is the highest-performance solution, containing a wide variety of NX design tools. In addition to those in the other bundles, the NX Automotive Supplier Advanced Engineering Bundle adds a specialized automotive body design module, as well as additional packaging capabilities, weld creation and analysis, and electrical and mechanical routing. It also includes the NX Advanced Simulation software package for high- performance CAE capabilities.


•  Automotive design with supporting tools in a complete product design solution from design to production

•  High-performance modeling, drafting and comprehensive assembly design powered by synchronous technology

•  Preconfigured solutions tailored for the full range of automotive design applications

•  Power and flexibility that supports virtually any design methodology

•  A cornerstone of a complete automotive product development system

•  Foundation for product lifecycle management

•  Extendible with a selection of add-on application modules