Tecnomatix RobotExpert

RobotExpert software maximizes the speed, flexibility and operation of automated systems by offering design, simulation, optimization and offline programming of robotic applications. Operating in an intuitive 3D environment, the software combines the simplicity to optimize robotic paths and improve cycle times with the power to simulate virtual mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems.



  • Virtual optimization of robotic processes
  • Higher throughput through optimized cycle times
  • Standardized industrial robot programming
  • Shortened downtime when introducing a change or a new product
  • Avoidance of human hazards and costly damage to equipment during new program introduction
  • Easy preparation of special robot program syntax


  • 3D modeling of kinematics for tools, assistors and robots
  • Support for robots from a vast array of vendors (ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, etc.)
  • Dynamic 3D robot simulation
  • Collision detection
  • Gantt chart representation
  • Offline-robot programming
  • Accurate cycle time calculation using realistic robot simulation (RRS)
  • Ability to upload robot programs from the shop floor
  • Customized user interface and functionality
  • Intuitive and native Windows environment tool
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