CAMWorks for SolidEdge

CAMWorks® for Solid Edge® is an embedded CAM program that is fully integrated within Solid Edge. It is the only feature-based CAM software on the market that leverages synchronous technology, enabling users to make on demand manufacturing design changes to any CAD model.  

Reduce Programming Time

CAMWorks uses feature-based machining, so part features are recognized automatically, virtually eliminating repetitive, mundane programming tasks and reducing programming time by as much as 90%.

Reduce Machining Time

CAMWorks VoluMill has the potential to reduce roughing time by as much as 80% while improving or maintaining tool life, even in difficult to machine materials. CAMWorks can now address more complex geometries, including 2-stepped islands.

Reduce Setup Time

Setup time can be the difference between profit and loss. CAMWorks Virtual Machine provides True G-code verification and simulation eliminating any need for dry-runs.


  • Reduced programming time from hours to minutes using Automatic Feature Recognition in conjunction with Knowledge-Based Machining
  • Ability to retain and standardize manufacturing best practices by leveraging Automatic Feature Recognition and assigning appropriate machining strategies using a proprietary Technology Database
  • Lower cost of ownership with ease-of-use and a short learning curve
  • Reduced turnaround time with automatic regeneration of toolpath for rapid “On-the-Fly” manufacturing design changes to any CAD model
  • Shortened machining times with ultra high-performance toolpaths
  • Work within a familiar design environment as it's fully embedded within Solid Edge