Siemens NX CAE

Specialty Bundles

NX™ for simulation is a modern simulation environment that enables engineering teams to reduce modeling time, shorten design-analysis iterations and improve productivity for FEA. NX CAE provides solutions for pre-and postprocessing, structural, thermal, flow, motion and multiphysics analyses, optimization, simulation data management and simulation-driven design.

Increase Simulation Productivity by up to 70%

Integrated powerful tools give NX for Simulation a performance edge. This edge allows you to bring products to market faster and enable more design-analysis iterations to test design alternatives.

Reduce Product Development and Warranty Costs

Faster simulation means quicker feedback to the design team reducing costly, late night design change orders. Additionally, comparing simulation with physical test data results in better designs and reduced need for costly physical prototypes.

Increase Product Quality

Simulating real-world conditions gives you a clearer understanding of how your product will perform across multiple disciplines. In addition, requirements tracking and reporting capabilities ensure the product is performing to specification.

Simulate and Model Virtually Anything

An updated expression evaluation system allows you to more easily manipulate and evaluate simulation results, while adaptive meshing provides better solution convergence and accuracy of structural, thermal, and multiphysics solutions.

Metaphysics. A new multiphysics environment to perform 1-way and 2-way thermal-structural coupling, as well as coupled thermal-structural analysis using the new NX Nastran SOL 401 Multi-Step Nonlinear solver and a thermal solution from the NX Thermal solver.

Structural Analysis. Extended composites simulation capabilities for creating cohesive layers between extruded plies to model delamination using the new LMS Samcef solver environment, interfacing with Fibersim and CATIA CPD, and recovering ply stresses in NX Response Simulation for random vibration. Perform integrated vibro-acoustic analysis completely within NX CAE, which increases productivity for automotive NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) analysis. A new LMS Samcef solver environment allows for simulation of linear static, modal, and buckling behaviors as well as complex, nonlinear phenomena in composites (such as delamination and progressive failure).

Thermal Analysis. Define solver-evaluated expressions that model interdependencies between boundary conditions, are evaluated at solve time, and updated as needed during the solution sequence. Use printed circuit board (PCB) components for spacecraft to define the thermal resistor models for PCBs and electronic components commonly used in spacecraft.

Flow Analysis. Greater control over boundary layer mesh and the ability to apply it to other solutions. A new mesh wrapping capability also enables the generation of fluid bodies from models with only mesh data and no geometry. Two-phase, immiscible fluid simulation enhancements simulate fluid flow problems for a mixture of any two immiscible fluid constituents in open volume enclosures, such as the filling or emptying of a tank. Extensions to the parallel flow solver in NX CAE 10 support two-phase flow, advanced turbulence models and particle tracking.