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Siemens NX Nastran

NX™ Nastran® is a finite element solver for stress, vibration, structural failure, heat transfer, acoustics and aeroelasticity analysis. Manufacturers and engineering suppliers rely on NX Nastran software for their computing needs so they can produce safe, reliable and optimized designs within increasingly shorter design cycles.



  • Dynamic Response – Normal modes, random vibration fatigue, pre-stress normal modes.
  • Efficient Analysis Control – Featuring simulation mechanical, Nastran in-CAD integration, Nastran editor and flexible usage.
  • FEA Solutions – Including linear static, steady state heat transfer, assembly modeling with contact, composites, transient response, frequency response, random response, transient heat transfer, static fatigue and pre-stress static.
  • Non-Linear Analysis – Including linear and non-linear bucking, non-linear static and transient response, surface contact (non-linear), automatic impact analysis/drop test, advanced material models.

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