Design & Engineering Services

CAM Logic is a holistic solutions provider of mechanical engineering services for product design and development with end-to-end capabilities across the product development lifecycle. From conceptual mechanical engineering design to manufacturing, leveraging our additive manufacturing capabilities, our robust product development processes ensure faster design, reduced cycle times and improved ROI.


Product Development & Design
With strong technical experience in product design across multiple industries, our high quality, cost effective approach will benefit your business.

Design Optimization
Our integrated optimization approach includes FEA, topology optimization, inspection, convergent modeling, DFM and DFAM. These tools help our clients solve real life engineering problems while improving quality and reducing waste.

Using FEA and dimensional analysis, we evaluate purpose, design and manufacturing integrity. Our process pinpoints inflated costs and materials that can be reduced or eliminated without compromising quality or manufacturing efficiency.

Manufacturing Engineering
Every project is different, but our mindset is consistent. Our holistic approach allows us to be flexible, partnering with customers from start-to-finish. We apply our expertise to address key challenges faced during the manufacturing process, making sure your product can be manufactured intelligently and cost effectively.

Reverse Engineering
Using our advanced imaging capabilities, paired with our highly trained engineers, we digitize your product and develop a detailed 3D CAD model.

Leveraging our expertise, we will help you design new products or update current products by making comparative analyses to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your design.

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