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In response to COVID-19 Stay at Home/Work from Home Order, Remote Training Classes Extended until May 29th

Remote Training Offer Extended!

Don’t miss your chance to take a Master’s Class in Synchronous Technology

Have you had a chance to take part in our special one day Remote Training opportunities? If not, don’t worry! Due to popularity we have decided to continue these classes through April. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will be focusing on SOLID EDGE, and Wednesdays and Fridays will be NX!

We understand that the current work environment is out of the ordinary for many of us, so we are offering a special, high-value, 1-day Synchronous Technology online Master’s course. The intent is that this class will allow designers and engineers that are familiar with Solid Edge and NX but maybe haven’t ventured into the Synchronous environment, the opportunity to bring a new skill set back to the office.

Course Schedule:
9am – noon, noon – 1pm (Break), 1pm – 4pm

UPDATE: The following classes are sold out

5/12, 5/14, 5/19, 5/21

Solid Edge


For a better understanding of Synchronous Technology in Solid Edge, we will look at design methods that employ a hybrid approach of Ordered and pre-Synchronous Technology tools. With this design method understood, we will then move into Synchronous Technology design workflow for Part and Assembly environments.

Course Outline

• Pre-Synchronous Technology design tools and features
• Synchronous design workflow
• Using the Steering Wheel: easily modify existing geometry
• Design intent: rules, tools, and assumptions
• Advanced features and workflow
• Design change workflow
• Assemblies with Synchronous Components: in-context process for designing and editing



For a better understanding of Synchronous Technology in NX, we will look at design methods that employ an empathetic approach to design challenges. Whether you are forced to work with an imported STEP file, or you are trying to make sense of someone else’s feature tree in Part Navigator, we will highlight some tools that can help you get out of a jam. We will also cover design techniques that can be integrated into your regular workflows for increased efficiency.

Course Outline

• How does Synchronous Technology work?
• Best Practices & Pitfalls
• Which faces should I select?
• Understanding operation scope within workflows
• Real-world examples using the Synchronous Technology toolset
• Utilizing selection filters
• Managing Blends: edit, resize, reorder
• Optimize Face: when and how to use it
• Reorder/Suppress/Unsuppress in Part Navigator
• Using WAVE links to preserve original geometry


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