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NX Mold Flow Analysis solutions

Using Mold Filling Simulation to Optimize Plastic Part Designs

NX™ software, the product development solution from Siemens PLM Software, offers a range of tools that help designers assess the moldability of plastic parts.

NX™ EasyFill Analysis, powered by Moldex3D, is an integrated mold flow simulation tool for designers to analyze plastic part design for moldability during the early stage of the product development process. EasyFill Analysis provides all the capabilities product designers need to simply execute plastic flow simulations within the NX environment. Designers can easily set up and perform an analysis with only a few simple clicks.

EasyFill Analysis provides designers with intuitive injection molding simulations fully embedded in NX. It empowers you to simply clarify if manufacturing defects would occur in your design environment. This intuitive design validation tool allows you to simulate and visualize how plastic is injected to fabricate a plastic part.

Mold analysis whitepaper: NX Moldflow Easyfill Analysis Solutions

What is NX Easy Fill Analysis? NX-easyfill-analysis-moldex3d

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