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Manufacturing Transformation with Metal 3D Printing

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Are you ready to go to the next level with your Manufacturing Transformation?

There are four pillars that will lead you to this transformation:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – devices that connect to the internet for the purpose of gathering data
  • Agile Manufacturing – respond to customer and wider market demands while controlling costs and doing all of that without sacrificing quality (lead & JIT manufacturing)
  • Data Analytics – taking all that manufacturing data and giving it context and meaning
  • Enablers of Industry 4.0 – what are you using to leverage these transformational tools?

One unique and competitive advantage with this transformation is the Markforged Metal-X 3D Printer

We had the privilege and pleasure of hosting an Open House showcasing the Metal-X along with the composite & industrial product line (Mark 2, X3, X5, X7)

Metal X and Industrial 3D Printers Markforged Metal X Live Event on February 7 2019

What are the specifications, capabilities, and benefits of the Markforged Metal X?


Metal Material Datasheet Stainless Steel

Sinter 1 Specifications

Wash 1 Specifications

Case Study_Stanley Black and Decker_end-use-metal

We showcased the latest in Metal 3D Printing technology from Markforged, along with the industrial product line.  Our 3D printing technical staff discussed and answered questions about the best fit, form, and function:

– Implementation of the system

– Best fit applications

– Material availability and properties

– Process for part production

If you have a six-figure budget with a Facility to house a powder bed metal printer, Staff with proper Training to handle the materials safely, and the additional Equipment required to get the parts off the build plate. Then we’re happy to sell, train and support you with a Metal X printer.  If you need 3D metal printing services, we will happily execute them with our in-house Metal X.

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