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You Wanted Metal 3D Printing…Come See it Live!

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You’re cordially invited to CAM Logic’s Metal X Open House. Come celebrate with us as we showcase the unique capabilities of this emerging technology. Come by any time on February 7 from 4-7pm.

Markforged Metal-X-Celebration

This event will showcase the latest in Metal 3D Printing technology from Markforged, the Metal X. Attendees will learn:

– Implementation of the system

– Best fit applications

– Material availability and properties

– Process for part production

See The Entire Markforged Product Line

 – We will have composite desktop printers, industrial printers, and the new Metal X printer on display so you can see them in action!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with CAM Logic expert applications team and talk about your specific additive projects that will work really well with the Markforged platform.

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