Steinbichler Comet L3DUtilizing innovative Blue-LED technology, the COMET® L3D is an affordable entry-level 3D scanner that enables highly accurate measurement of complex shapes in difficult lighting situations. Employing the proven ZEISS single camera technology, the system is compact and easy to manage, using standard camera/video stands. It can capture 2M measurement points in about 1.5 seconds, with an extreme degree of accuracy, making it a most efficient addition to the lab or the shop floor.

Designed for use in industrial environments the L3D features rugged design, a dustproof enclosure for the optics, and high-quality connectors. The ultra-compact size and light weight allows for positioning using standard accessories (e.g. camera stands). Easy to use and handle, the COMET L3D offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for any measurement task.


  • Cost Effective - Blue LED technology delivers maintenance-free and cost-effective lighting with a long life. The unique pulse mode delivers high light output to capture accurate measurements even in difficult ambient light situations. Getting it right the first time produces savings in labor, materials and personnel.
  • Accurate - The COMET L3D delivers excellent data quality and highly accurate results. Instead of tactile scanning of a few selected points, this system allows contact-free, full-surface measurement of complex object surfaces. Materials traditionally difficult to measure, such as plastics or foam, can accurately be captured with this system.
  • Fast - With 2M measurement points easily captured in about 1.5 seconds, the COMET L3D outstrips typical tactile measuring devices. Parts or workpieces with many features can easily be captured many times faster using this sensor.
  • Adaptable - The rugged housing can take the punches, yet the entire system is compact and lightweight, for easy portability. Changing the field of view couldn’t be easier; just change the lens. To further enhance the measurement process, special accessories such as a rotary table can be added for automated object positioning.
  • Simple to Use - Training in the use of the COMET L3D is simple, and the intuitive software allows for easy comparisons between the scan and a CAD. CAM Logic personnel will help you determine if the COMET L3D is the right solution for you, and will provide on-site training and on-going support to seamlessly integrate this innovative device into your operation.

Application Areas

  • Quality Control / Inspection
    • Comparison of actual data with nominal data (part to CAD)
  • Mold and Toolmaking
    • Tool reconstruction
    • Scan data for generation of milling tool paths
    • Documentation of actual 3D data at tool release
  • Design
    • Scanning of design models for further processing of CAD data, documentation
  • Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Scanning

Contact the experts at CAM Logic help you determine if the ZEISS COMET L3D is the right 3D scanner for you. CAM Logic will provide on-site training and on-going support to seamlessly integrate this innovative device into your operation.