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Utilizing the proven Zeiss single camera technology, this automated 3D scanner employs long-life Blue-LED technology to accomplish the most difficult repetitive measurement tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Compatible with a variety of robot manufacturers, the system comes equipped with two positions for the robot flange, and is combinable with a hand-guided option for Kuka robots. The working distance, specifically designed for automated applications, and the size of the measurement field result in quick and efficient scans. The exceptionally short measurement time and the intuitive VISIO 7 software combine to result in a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.


Cost Effective – Blue LED technology delivers maintenance-free and cost-effective lighting with a long life. The unique pulse mode delivers high light output to capture accurate measurements even in difficult ambient light situations.

Fast – 3D data acquisition with the Comet Automated is particularly fast, due to the exceptionally short measurement time. The intuitive Visio7 software allows for accurate and efficient measurements.

Accurate – The Comet Automated delivers excellent data quality and highly accurate results, from scanning single points through to entire applications


  • Quality Control/Inspection
    • Initial Sampling
    • Measurements during series production
    • Production-related inspections
  • Tool and Mold Making
    • Current status determination at tool release

Contact the experts at CAM Logic help you determine if the Automated Comet is the right 3D scanner for you. CAM Logic will provide on-site training and on-going support to seamlessly integrate this innovative device into your operation.

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