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Markforged X3

The power you need for tooling and functional parts.  Industrial caliber performance start with an all-aluminum unibody enclosure made around an ultra-flat gantry system.


X3 Composite Printer

  • For industrial printers in the 35K range, the X3 prints parts that are 20% stronger, 40% stifer, and 17% larger than the Stratasys F270.
  • At 50 micron layer height, the X3’s resolution is almost 3x as high and the parts are 60% more accurate. – Best of all if you need more strength down the road, you can upgrade to Continuous Fiber reinforcement.
  • Stratasys has a Nylon with chopped carbon material – but it costs $200K+

Markforged offers an optional customer Success Plan with the purchase of an X3 machine. Success plan customers receive priority service, part replacement, advanced engineering consultation, and material discounts. Print smarter and more reliably with a Success Plan.

You’re Covered

Our customers depend on our machines to create mission-critical parts — that’s why we design our printers from the ground up for reliability. Sometimes the unexpected happens — when it does, we will get you back to printing fast. If your machine goes down due accidental damage or wear and tear, we’ll quickly diagnose your problem, express mail replacement parts, and have a Markforged certified technician install them on-site.

Print Smarter

We want you to get the most out of your printer. That’s why all success plans include two hours per year of 1 on 1 consultations with our expert Application Engineers. They’ll show you how to design parts for Markforged machines, how to utilize fiber reinforcement efficiently and effectively, and how to save both material and print time. With our help, you’ll quickly climb the learning curve

Material Discounts

Get what you need to print successfully. We bundle material and key wear components into a discounted package available only to Success Plan customers

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