3D Systems ProJet 1200

Small. Precise. Detail-Rich.

The compact and affordable ProJet® 1200 puts the high precision and exceptionally fine feature detail of a professional 3D printer right at your desktop. Smaller than most coffee makers and faster than baking a cake, the ProJet 1200 capabilities make it easy to integrate into your work environment regardless if used by a single user or a department. It’s small footprint enables it to be located close to where it is needed and it’s low cost enables every workbench to have one.


  • Maximize your dollar – The ProJet 1200 achieves unmatched part accuracy and smoothness for the price, with layer thickness at 30 microns.
  • Make precise parts – 585 dpi print resolution means you see every detail of your models.
  • Accelerate your work-flow – Fast print times allow you to keep up with your constant need for precision parts. Print 12 dental wax-ups in an hour and five rings in two hours.
  • Get started with 3D printing at an economical price – The ProJet 1200’s affordability and its inexpensive prints make it easier than ever to adopt 3D printing. Print a ring for less than $1 in materials.
  • Get started quickly – The ProJet 1200 features a convenient size and push-button operation.


  • Enhanced LED DLP technology for 585 dpi resolution
  • VisiJet FTX Green material cleanly burns out for ash-free castings
  • Prints fast - 14mm/hour vertically
  • Integrated material cartridges ensure consistent high-quality parts every time
  • Factory calibrated for reliably accurate operation
  • Network printing ready