Connexion SpacePilot Pro

LCD Workflow Assistant

The full-color LCD delivers at-a-glance visibility of Microsoft® Outlook® e-mail, tasks, calendar entries and function key commands, ensuring quick access to key information without interrupting your workflow.

Advanced MCAD Navigation

SpacePilot® Pro features the most advanced six-degree-of-freedom (6DofF) sensor technology. Gently push, pull, twist or tilt the compact controller cap to smoothly pan, zoom and rotate 3D models. The second generation QuickView Navigation Keys provide fingertip access to 32 standard views, giving an unparalleled level of control that encourages model exploration leading to improved error detection and design quality.

Powerful Application Control

Five new fully customizable, dual-function Intelligent Function Keys provide instant access to 10 frequently used commands. SpacePilot Pro recognizes the active application and work environment and automatically assigns the appropriate commands. The color LCD provides visual feedback on function key assignment ensuring an optimized workflow.


  • Advanced six-degree-of-freedom (6DofF) sensor technology for precise control
  • Visibility of external applications for maximizing productivity
  • Automatically assigns commands based upon active application
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design

Superior Comfort

The soft coated, sculpted wrist rest positions the hand perfectly while the compact controller cap guides your fingers into the ideal position for precise and effort. The most frequently used function keys are conveniently positioned, ensuring a comfortable working experience, even for the longest design sessions.