Stienbichler T-Scan CSThis highly innovative, all-in-one system of tracking camera, hand-held scanner and optional touch probe delivers rapid 3D data acquisition with outstanding accuracy and incredible data range. No object preparation is required, and the system is able to capture data on moving objects.

T-Scan, the hand-held laser scanner, has been ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue. It is light weight and balanced, making capturing data possible even in difficult or hard-to-reach areas. Incredibly fast, the T-Scan can capture data at the rate of 210,000 points per second.

The tracking unit, T-Track CS+, can be positioned easily using regular camera stands. Combined with the hand-held scanner, the system provides free, full-surface measurement of complex objects in a wide range of sizes. For the spatial location and tracking of active IR markers, this unit is ideal. The measurement volume of the system is 4.3 m3 .

The optionally available T-Point Touchprobe makes single point measurements fast, simple and accurate.

Taken together, this system provides the user a highly portable and easy-to-operate solution with a high dynamic range for precise data capture on large volume projects with different surfaces and/or objects with varying surface properties.


  • Quality Control/Inspection
  • Tool Making
  • Design
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Documentation of Cultural Assets

Contact CAM Logic to help you determine if the Zeiss T-Scan CS is the right solution for you. Their experienced personnel will help you seamlessly integrate this innovative system into your operation to increase your competitive edge.