Turning Manufacturing Process is the core turning course designed to convey concepts, functionality, and application of the turning module. Turning Manufacturing Process is taught from the perspective of an NC/CNC programming session and emphasizes programming concepts and techniques which take advantage of the latest developments in turning equipment and technology.

Intended Audience
This course is suited for manufacturing engineers and NC/CNC programmers.


Required courses:
 NX Manufacturing Fundamentals
Successful completion of the Manufacturing Fundamentals Advisor in Learning Advantage (score
>70%). Learning Advantage courses can also be used to prepare for the prerequisite assessment.

Should have a thorough understanding of NC/CNC programming principles and of manual 3-, 4- and 5-axis
NC/CNC programming methods and procedures

Course Outline

  • Defining part and blank geometry
  • Retrieving and creating tools
  • Facing operations
  • Tool Path Verification
  • Common options
  • Centerline operations
  • Roughing operations – OD
  • Roughing operations – ID
  • Finish operations OD and ID
  • Grooving
  • Teach mode
  • Threading operations
  • Using Multiple Spindles
  • Mill-turn
  • Merging lathes
  • Vertical turret lathe

Course Schedule

Day Description
Monday Creating a machine setup with part and blank stock
Facing operations and common options
Tuesday Using centerline operations, inner and outer diameter roughing strategies
Using finishing strategies and grooving
Wednesday Advanced lathe functions such as threading
Utilizing multiple spindles and mill-turn operations