The History of CAM Logic

CAM Logic has been in the CAD/CAM/CAE space for over 35 years. Over the past two decades, CAM Logic has built a thriving company around its ability to take advantage of innovative technologies providing its clients with leading-edge design, manufacturing, inspection and data management solutions to increase productivity, improve quality, nurture creativity and maximize profitability. Although initially focused on CAM, servicing mainly the tool and die shops in the area, CAM Logic has evolved as the market has evolved - interestingly, working their way backward from manufacturing to the conception of the idea or design. Because they started toward the end of the process and worked their way to the beginning, CAM Logic has the fundamental knowledge of what has to be done to assure that each step of the process will result in a product that will actually work or fit into the next phase of development.

A self-described “gear head” with a love for all things mechanical and gas-powered, Jim Carlisle, Owner and President of CAM Logic, likes to point out that he’s a CAM guy at heart and that he still has chips on his shoes to prove it. Thirty years ago he dove into the realm of CAD/CAM software solutions as a post sales applications engineer, where he quickly moved up the ranks from account manager to Director of Global Sales for a variety of companies and software providers. In 1996, he leveraged his business relationships and years of industry knowledge to form CAM Logic- offering cutting edge 3D software and hardware technologies and great customer service. 

At the core of CAM Logic’s business philosophy is building life-long meaningful client relationships so as to best understand customer processes, methodologies, needs and challenges - offering up the best products, services and solutions possible to meet their needs. The company is located smack-dab in the middle of the Midwest’s manufacturing hub, about 40 miles north of Detroit in a historic building (1892) in the downtown section of the village of Oxford. Carlisle describes the vintage building as a "unique environment that sparks an entrepreneurial spirit", providing a mix of high tech and old world that fits the company culture and appeals to engineers. This cool facility houses the corporate offices and training center. In 2013, CAM Logic expanded its operations and opened a state-of-the-art laboratory for 3D laser and white light / blue light scanning in addition to various 3D printing technologies about 7 miles down the road in Orion Township.  

CAM Logic has become a leader in the engineering and manufacturing industry by providing software and hardware solutions, bridging the gap between the issue and the solution with a highly trained application team. Strategic partnerships and certifications with recognized vendors provides CAM Logic’s team the ability to offer state of the art tools and solutions that enable our customers to fulfill the full cycle of product development.